The Power and Impact of Influencer Marketing

Innovation in technology is constantly changing according to the way we live. No matter where we are in the world we can have access to information instantly, whether we want to make a video call to someone on the other side of the world or to get our work done during a train journey.

In today’s world, changes in technology are present in the way we also do work.
One of the ways technology is making a significant impact on our lives is the growth of social media influencers.

Today, the process of brand progression is changed due to efficiency of direct communication with customers. Now, direct market research and engagement can be managed through social media.

Over the years, influencers/bloggers developed marketing into a powerful tool that many brands and other marketers love to use. Influencer marketing campaigns are favored among many successful businesses who are willing to spend money and time for their notable presentation on the web.

The most efficient way to reach a big audience of potential customers is via the internet and social media.

With effective influencer marketing collaboration visibility of the brand is increased and a targeted traffic is boosted.
Influencers are known to have the ability to draw buyers to products and services, and even make impacts on their buying habits.

Throughout the years, Instagram, as an online photo-sharing application, became one of the major visual marketing platforms for launching a new brand.

According to the statistics, we can notice the significance of the influencer marketing strategy for the future. Studies show that 70% of teens have trust in influencers. The influencer marketing industry will reach $10 billion in 2020. Even over 86% of women believe in influencer purchasing advice, and 57% of the fashion industry relies on influencers.

Over the years, influencers from different industries gained their followers’ trust on social media. Thanks to the trust their followers have for them, many businesses boosted their sales rapidly.

Studies also show that influencer marketing delivers a 11X higher ROI than any other form of digital marketing.

When it comes to product launching campaigns, whether you sell online products or have a location store, influencer marketing is something you can’t do without.

Influencer marketing is initiated with celebrities and famous people who are notable in the real world as well. Famous people were hired by sponsors to post a recommendation of a specific product or service in a social media post to boost sales. But this type of marketing eventually changed. Looking at research, the future of influencer marketing for 2020 and the years to come is micro-influencer marketing.

Consumers like to identify themselves with the brands they use in every day life. For regular folk it is not that simple to trust advertisements that celebrities promote, because it is known that celebrities have major benefits from these posts.

People, as emotional human beings, usually make rational but also sentimental decisions when it comes to product purchase. Customers feel more related to micro-influencers as they see them like a common person as they are. Therefore, micro-influencers have a higher level of engagements compared to celebrates and famous people.
Since micro-influencer marketing has come out, it is getting more and more attention. Even though micro-influencers have a more narrow following base, they post and share more content with their audience and therefore their audience is more committed to their work.

According to a new report from influencer marketing agency Takumi, now more than ever businesses invest in influencer marketing. The survey that covered 3,500 consumers, brands, and creators in August, Takumi’s findings determined that 73% of businesses spend more money into influencer marketing.

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